Our Story

Established in 2022

From just an idea to a reality….


Deep Woods was founded by Mitchell Manteuffel a local Michigan entreprenuer, sport shooter and firearm enthusiast with the dream of having a firearm store like no other.

To seperate himself from other firearm locations Mitch developed the idea of a personalized shopping expereince geared to educate and tickle any buyers fancy. Think of it as a concierge service but for firearms. The main goal is to have a 1:1 customer to sales rep ratio in a closed show room so each customer can recieve a custom tailored shopping experience to their needs regardless if they have never handled a firearm before or if they have over 100 firearms in their collection. Each customer will have a representative sitting down with them and the ability to discuss anything firearm related with their rep, Including: firearms , attachments , gunsmithing, custom builds  and much more. All while our staff can educate them on what they may know and build a relationship so not only do they become a client but part of our Deep Woods Family!

Here at Deep Woods we take pride in the products we offer and trust our own lives upon them. This is what marks our products with the Deep Woods Approval. Contrary to some opinions we refuse to carry inventory items we feel do not meet this approval for example high points and other very minimal budget and non reliable firearms. Needless to say we know our firearms and have extensive experience with many makes, brands, and products in the industry. All our reps have over 100,000 rounds down range in multiple platforms and have been shooting for years whether it be in competition, law enforcement or Military.

We are proud of who we are and to pinoneer the way for a new type of store. One where you get the finest service. One where you recieve an education. One where you recieve the highest quality products. And most important one where you become family!

Custom Tailored Firearms Experience

When you walk into our store you become family. One of our knowledgeable staff members will sit down with you personally and put all of the options on the table. You will not walk away dissatisfied. Read about our services below.


Glock stocking dealer and master armorer

Aero Precision Dealer and master armorer

Shadow Systems Dealer

We also sell all major brands



NFA Items

We specialize in all NFA items utilizing the new E-Filing system for your convenience. 


If it’s broken we can fix it 

Parts and Attachments

We sell all makes and models of parts and attachments to upgrade your firearms and offer professional installation services.

Our partners :

Tyrant Designs 

Ranger Point Precision

Boyds Stocks 

Skinner Sights 

Primary Arms 


And Many More 




The possibilities are endless!
If you can dream it we can build it!

We provide many modification services including barrel threading, sight upgrades, part installs, optic installs, cerakote, and much more!

Click the customization tab to submit your custom build requests today!




We offer professional cerakote services.

Make Whatever Design you have a reality!


Much more

There is almost nothing us or one of our partners cannot do… Just submit a customization request or email contactus@deepwoodsfirearms.com





Our creator, CQB Specialist, Glock armorer, modern gunsmith, custom builder and trigger man. He hunts too much, shoots an absurd amount of ammo, drives a crotch rocket like a maniac and dumps way too much money into his machines.  Also a guy who does not need to buy another Stacatto



Bow Hunter 🦌










Jon Todd

Jon Todd

Demonstrations Manager

Mostly a roofer but when not on the roof he is our primary company representative and demonstration team leader. 



Side by side King 👑




Your one stop shop 

If we don’t have it we can get it!